Thinking Inside the Box in Qatar

Everybody is familiar with the metaphor of "thinking outside the box" as a way to spark creativity and generate new ideas. That type of thinking goes on inside theaters and rehearsal spaces all over the world. Quite literally in those intimate spaces known as black box theaters. Just like the newly operational black box theater that's part of Northwestern University's new building in Qatar's Education City.

Tiers of Joy

Remember last week’s post about the grid extension at Baltimore’s Everyman Theatre?

Raising the Roof at Sullivant Hall

We've just installed a pipe grid and a SkyDeck™ in the Ohio State University's beautiful Sullivant Hall as part of a two year-long renovation project.

USF Visual and Performing Arts Teaching Facility

IAStage was contracted to fabricate and install an Acoustical Ceiling for the new concert hall at the University of South Florida’s Visual and Performing Arts Teaching Facility.

University of Central Florida - Black Box Theatre

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid

Orlando, Fl

Stage Rigging Contractor: IAstage

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