The West First Theatre Centre, Vancouver, BC

The Arts Club Theatre Company and Bard on the Beach have spearheaded together the new construction of the West First Theatre Centre.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Architect: Proscenium Architecture and Interiors, Inc.
General Contractor: Mero Steel, Ltd.

Ohio State University - Sullivant Hall

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid

Columbus, OH

Architect: Acock Associates Architects
Consultant: Bill Conner Associates, LLC.
General Contractor: Pepper Construction of Ohio

Graceland University - The Shaw Center

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid

Lamoni, AL

Architect: Gold Evans Architecture
Consultant: Peerbolte Creative, LLC.
General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction

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