SkyDeck™ Wire Tension Grid System

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Proven to be the Most Efficient WTG System

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid System

SkyDeck™ is a modular tension wire grid system.

SkyDeck™ provides safe access to theatrical lighting, audio cables, loudspeakers, stage rigging, and effects. SkyDeck™ is the safe, flexible alternative to other industry options. SkyDeck™'s woven wire working surface eliminates the risk of falling. The system provides a transparent portal for lighting and sound devices. There is no discernable loss of focus, signal, or energy.

SkyDeck™ allows for creative flexibility. Designers, teachers and technical crews can occupy the "floor" created by the system simultaneously. Extensive light hangs and focuses will run faster and more smoothly on this tension wire grid.
Theatre technicians and volunteers quickly adjust to working high above the stage from the moment they step on the SkyDeck™. Rehearsals or service set ups can take place without interruption to the work flow on stage.

SkyDeck™'s pre-engineered panels permit rapid and efficient installations. Surface attachments are executed with countersunk, flush mount, fasteners to minimize trip hazards or power cable wear. SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid System No need for runners or bulky sub-frames. The entire system is supported from above. Framing members are only 2" wide and designed for maximum wire life and strength. Wire deck mesh design is inherently self redundant with loads spread out over many wires. Every SkyDeck™ panel passes through a rigorous certified shop inspection.

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Tension Wire Grid Plug

Grid Plug (Protective Sleeve)

Avoid damage to power cords, lifting lines, ropes, or cables while protecting your grid. The Grid plug is a protective sleeve that securely plugs into any standard 2x2 wire grid mesh.
The plug is made of durable polyurethane and can be spread to swallow a line, chain or cord already installed through the grid.

Out Rigger and Side Arm

SkyDeck tension wire grid out rigger and side arm
Locate rigging or lights directly over grid mesh away from hangers or framing. The horizontal outrigger bracket can hold a pair of pipes 24” or 30” apart from each other. The outrigger assembly clamps to standard SkyDeck™ hangers.
Using staggered outriggers can facilitate easier work flow than full crossing horizontal pipes.

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid cross clamps

Cross Clamp

Securely clamp batten pipes at right angles. Our clamps are the heaviest duty clamps found in the industry. These clamps were first developed in the 80's by master rigger Wayne. Wayne wanted a product that allowed pipe grids to be assembled quickly, straight, square and most importantly, maintain a high load rating. Wayne didn't want to rely on u-bolts or questionable hardware to support crossing grid pipes.
Our clamps have a 1500 lb load rating and are available for 1.5" pipe battens. All our parts have matching hole patterns making them interchangeable.

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid locking clamp

Locking Clamp

Standard cross clamps do a good job of cross connecting pipes at right angles. Use a Locking clamp for additional security against slippage in vertical applications

SkyDeck tension wire grid pad eye clamp

Pad Eye Clamps

Used for securely attaching any rigging hook, shackle or tie-off to a pipe. Each clamp assembly has a vertical load rating of 300 lbs. Applied loads are spread over several inches reducing the likelihood of pipe crushing.

Removable Grid Panel and Trolley System

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid removable grid panel

Locate above any SkyDeck™ removable grid panel for safe and easy panel removal.*
Standard system trolley is equipped with a long arm ¼ ton lever hoist.
Higher capacity systems are available for scenery and material handling.
* Install railings prior to opening or removing any grid panel. Use proper fall protection when working around open areas.

Winches and Hoists

Winches and Hoists are also available

Panel Testing

SkyDeck™ Tension Wire Grid panel test/></center><br />
<p>Testing load: 5,000 lbs </p>
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See some examples of SkyDeck™