Stage-Set X

Stage-Set X


New England Rope's Stage-Set X has been developed specifically for the theater industry. Since the introduction of this unique product, produced from a patented process, it has become the industry standard for quality and performance.

Stage-Set X is designed to provide the strongest, most environmentally stable product available to the theater industry for the replacement of manila ropes in counterweight systems and general purpose stage rigging. Stage-Set X is manufactured from premium quality high tenacity synthetic fibers to provide the strength, durability, low stretch characteristics and good handling properties essential in theater operations.

Stage-Set X is a proprietary design consisting of a parallel core of
polyester fiber contained within a helically wrapped polyester tape
and covered by a braided polyester jacket. This construction produces
a rope that is extremely strong, yet flexible, with very low elongation.
The parallel core remains firm and round under all load conditions and
resists crushing in rope locks. The braided jacket is a unique blend
of spun and filament polyester fibers that provides excellent abrasion
resistance while also supplying a textured surface that affords excellent
grippage, yet is easy on the hands. The parallel/braided design resists
hockling or kinking and renders the rope torque-free, thereby eliminating
any rotation of the rope under load.


  • 3+ times stronger than equal size manila rope
  • Size-for size replacement of manila ropes with less elongation
  • Rope is not affected by moisture, mildew, rot and many chemicals
  • Elongation characteristics unaffected by temperature or humidity
    changes - no need for repeated adjustments after initial hanging of
  • Superior grippage
  • Remains firm and round in rope locks
  • No fiber splinters
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Available in optional colors (black standard - other colors on request)
  • Very low replacement factor & long term economy