A firm, balanced three-strand construction with superior hand and lock-grip holding capability.

This product offers flexibility but keeps its shape under heavy use. The combination of spun and filament polyester develop a rope with low stretch and excellent knot holding. The construction's firmness virtually eliminates the hockling tendency of standard lay three-strand even in long continuous lengths.

Pro-Masterâ„¢ is a superior rope for rigging due to its light weight, low stretch, excellent grip and high strength.

  • Stays firm and gives excellent hold / grip
  • High strength and low stretch
  • Excellent ultraviolet and chemical resistance
  • Balanced, hockle-resistant construction

  • Vertical Life Lines
  • Stage Counter Weight Rope
  • Arborist Rigging Line
  • Hand and Block Lines

Fiber Content:
Polyester and Polyolefin Fiber
Specific Gravity: 1.24

Elastic Elongation at Percentage of Break Strength:

10% 20% 30%
2.0 3.2 3.9

Water Absorption Fiber:

1 - 2%


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