Tech 12


Tech 12™ is a twelve-strand single braid of Technora® fiber with Samthane™ urethane coating. The product has higher strength and lower stretch than other products constructed of other types of high modulus aramid fibers. The Samthane™ coating creates enhanced wear resistance but allows very fast splicing capability. Tech 12™ has extremely good heat resistance and flex fatigue service life. Its extremely high strength and low stretch offer the opportunity of replacing wire rope in static applications.

  • Negligible creep/cold flow
  • High strength and low stretch
  • Excellent wear and flexibility
  • High heat resistance
  • Excellent dielectric properties


  • Specialty Rigging Lines
  • Fiber Optic Pulling Lines
  • Deep Water Lift Lines
  • High Strength Heat Resistant Slings

Fiber Content: Technora® Fiber
Specific Gravity: 1.39

Elastic Elongation at Percentage of Break Strength:

10% 20% 30%
0.63 0.96 1.2
Water Absorption Fiber: None

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