New Office For IAStage!

The new year often brings big changes. 2017 has brought InterAmerica Stage, Inc. one of the biggest changes of all – We’re moving!

Our entire team is buzzing with excitement while prep work is undergoing at our new location. Nothing like fresh paint and new scenery to refresh the mind.

Still located in beautiful Sanford, Florida, the office offers parking for over 50 vehicles – amazing! In addition, there are over 20 private offices located around the perimeter of the office area, leaving a very roomy central space perfect for collaborative work. Engineering department will have its own sector complete with conference room and print area.

Duncan MacKenzie is especially thrilled with the gobs of 480v power which is ideal for running tests on our custom controls and mechanics. He stated that “the new building offers an excellent power capacity laid out in a very sensible way which will maximize our productivity”.

Mark Black is simply tickled to death! Black says “ The efficiency of our SkyDeck production will improve 10 fold.

One of 4 overhead cranes getting inspected.