RigSafe 2016

SkyDeck supports RigSafe

April 29th is Arbor Day, but it is also a day dedicated to rigging safety awareness. Started by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) with the hashtag #RigSafe, the campaign promotes industry professionals to teach rigging safety to others while promoting their own use of the practice. USITT also offers free bi-yearly rigging inspections and safety training to secondary schools across America in their Rigging Safety Initiative (RSI). InterAmerica Stage, Inc. is a company participant of the program.

This is the second year of the campaign, and there are hopes that it will be bigger than ever. As a company dedicated to providing the upmost safety and performance in their products, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. will be participating in the social media campaign for #rigsafe. In addition, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. employs ETCP certified employees to help ensure every job is done safely and correctly. While the ETCP program is a voluntary certification, the certification is only awarded to people who demonstrate over 3,000 hours work experience in their field and the proper execution of their skills safely. The certification must be renewed to ensure that the most current practices and knowledge are being used. The program also aids in promoting education and safety in the industry. USITT is also a supporter and contributor to ETCP.

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