April 24th is #RigSafe Day!

IAstage has partnered up with USITT to spread the word of Rigging Safety.

Here is a message from our friends:

MTB performing an inspection

On April 24 Arbor Day, we’re celebrating Rigging Safety Day!! We are taking to social media to raise awareness of rigging safety and programs that advance it like ETCP and our Rigging Safety Initiative offering free inspections for school stages.

We’ll be posting & tweeting some rigging safety content & announcements with hashtag #RigSafe on April 24, and we hope you’ll join us in sharing on your website, Facebook and/or Twitter!

If you have photos or messages you would like us to share, you can send them to me janet@usitt.org, or post them next Friday 24 April with the hashtag #RigSafe.

Thanks in advance for your help in making Rigging Safety Day #RigSafe an event for our industry!


Please join us and USITT to spread the word! #RigSafe