An Interview with one of our ETCP Certified Riggers

Join us for an interview with Jason Hastings, one of our ETCP certified riggers, on what it means to rig safely in the entertainment industry.

Jason Hastings, IAStage ETCP certified rigger

Q: What importance did you see in getting ETCP certified? Why did you see the need to do so?
A: I wanted to get ETCP certified, to make sure I was doing my job safely and correctly.

Q: Can you share one of your rules you follow to be safe when rigging something?
A: If you are uncomfortable with what you are rigging, walk away!!!

Q: If you had to share one tip with a new rigger, what would it be?
A: Rig it as if your life or the life of the person you care for the most depended on it.

Q: What unsafe practice do you wish would stop in the rigging industry?
A: I wish wire rope clips would only be used as a temporary connection while a swaged fitting is being permanently applied. People know the rule “never saddle a dead horse”, but all it takes is one person using them incorrectly for someone to get hurt or die.

Q: As an installer of rigging systems, what suggestion do you have to the end user to stay safe?
A: Training, Training, Training. Just because you learned something 5, 10, 15 years ago does not mean the practice is still used or valid. Always keep learning.

Continuing education & safety are always a priority here at IAStage. Thank you Jason for your input!