InterAmerica Stage, Inc. … truly dedicated to safety!

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) was developed in 2006 by the Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA) with a number of other related industry organizations including IATSE, Live Nation, and the US Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT). It’s a voluntary certification awarded to people who demonstrate that they have experience in their field as well as certain abilities, skills and knowledge. The idea is to promote education and safety in the industry.

InterAmerica Stage’s own Jack Hoffend is now a Jack Hoffend ETCP Certified TrainerCertified ETCP Trainer. He feels honored to hold this status and states, “Any person’s typical career path progresses from gaining knowledge about their specialized trade, to eventually sharing that hard-earned experience with others in the field. As a certified trainer, I can more effectively teach apprentice stagehands about the countless hazards that a normal performance space presents, while guiding them towards proper and safe procedures to follow in using and operating the various types of rigging equipment.”

InterAmerica Stage employs the highest percentage (64%) of full-time ETCP certified installers in PLASA! Their teams successfully completed the rigorous assessments of their knowledge and professional skills to earn this certification. IAStage demonstrates Best Practices by utilizing ETCP Certified Technicians and encourages it’s employees to become ETCP Certified professionals. IAStage stands behind the knowledge, skill and dedication of the safety standards of the ETCP certification program!