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Las Vegas Springs Preserve Project

Bethune Cookman College Performing Arts Center

Created to serve the community and further the legacy of College founder Dr.

Orange County Performing Arts Center Renewal Project

Words from UCF Technical Theatre Alumni on the wire tension grid

I had never actually walked on a Tension Wire Grid before I joined the staff at InterAmerica, although I had heard of them.

First Christian Church of Canton, Ohio

Earnhardt Statue Unveiled at Daytona with IAstage's help

Wannado City

Architect: Morris Architects
Lighting Design: Ted Fierrera, City Design Group
AV Design: Richard Wagner, RAW Integrated Electronics
Stage equipment designer: Mark T. Black

California Science Center Exhibit

Orchestra / Scenic Stage Wagon for Princess Cruise Lines

In 1999 InterAmerica Stage, worked with Macron Dynamics to provide a unique orchestra/scenic stage wagon for Princess Cruise lines.

To view the platform in operation follow this link.

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